Album: The Love/Life EP (2011)

Song: Suburban U.S.A

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Plots, aka Rich Anthony/Dick Tony/that dude that used to be in too many bands. 22 years old, from West Chester and currently living in Pittsburgh. Real hip hop about real life, no fake thuggery or commercialized bullshit. Download all my music right here for free. Support DIY music, fuck a genre.

Download the debut album "So Social" right on this page as a ZIP file!

Necessary shout outs:

Studio producer-Preston Rahbari
DJ Loc-nar on the one's and two's live
Beats: Doomshark, Dee Day, Belacc, Biggie Miller, Docotoroctagamapus, Optik

I'm always looking for original production and always down to do a show, hit me up here.

"The Love/Life EP" is coming soon. Also, be on the lookout for my group The Ones and Twos' debut EP this spring...